1st Series

1st Series – Land Double with a Rooster Flyer and a Dead Rooster Retired

There is a gently sloping field with heavier strips of denser and taller grass. The mat is on the high side of the field looking down the gently sloping field. There is a pond on the far right and the mountains in the background. There are 5 hay bales just right and deep of the memory bird.

The order is:
Bird #1 is the dead Rooster.  The set of 2 guns are throwing a dead rooster to the left, hip pocket to the flyer landing 238 yards from the line, in a cover strip. This set of guns retires to a square hay bale.

Bird #2 is the Rooster Flyer. This set of 3 guns shoots to the left with the bird landing in cover. This bird is in front and slightly to the left of the mat approximately 268 yards from the line.

This is a tight double in a huge field with plenty for places for the dog to get lost. This test takes between 4.5 to 6 minutes.

Right-hand dead rooster – 238 yards

Left-hand rooster Flyer – 268 yards

First Series Text by David Morrison

Aerial by Pat Burns, Elite Retrievers