Saturday, June 22, 2019

1st Test Dog - 10th Series - LM - Boomer

Rimrooks Double Shot Of Go "Boomer" BLM

6/17/2011 (FC-AFC Wood River's Franchise ex Madame Britney Of Rimrock)
Owners: Keith & Jeri Bingham, Billings, MT
Handler: Keith Bingham

Came to the line at 8:51 am and completed test at 9:02 am.

Right Flyer - Boomer went through the pond and at the swale he broke left at the end but quickly turned right and he was on his bird. 

Left Flyer - He went around the end of the pond and across the road to go up to his bird.

Island Bird - Getting left of the hay bales, Boomer entered the pond and catches the point and got over it to re-enter the water. Swimming through the water he got to the island and on his bird.

Long Retired - Just left of the hay bale, off the line, He got into the water, went over the point and re-entered the water. Driving long in the field, he adjusts himself and he is on the bird.