Saturday, June 22, 2019

2nd Test Dog - 10th Series - LF - Kelly Lee

Third Creek's Little Sister "Kelly Lee" BLF

6/2/2014 (NFC-AFC Maxx's Surprise ex FC-AFC Serene Lakes Quacker Knacker)
Owners: Larry & Lori Morgan, Hudson, CO
Handler: Lori Morgan

Kelly Lee came to the line at 9:03 am and completed this test at 9:16 am.

Right Flyer - Kelly Lee went through the water then angled the swale and was on her bird.

Left Flyer - Around the end of the pond and to the area of the fall, Kelly Lee had a moderate hunt in the area then she came back with the bird.

Island Bird - In the pond and over the point, she ran the land to the entry area and was handled to her bird.

Long Retired - Going right of the hay bales and in the water, she went over the land and was back in the water. Getting out of the last bit of water wide right, but Kelly Lee corrected herself and got to the area of the fall having a brief controlled hunt and she was on her bird.