Saturday, June 22, 2019

Triple Handle - 105. FC-AFC TUCKED AWAY AT RIVER'S EDGE, "Tucker" LM, Alex Abraham


4/7/2011 (FC-AFC Nubian V ex Twin Pine's Crank Her Up MH)
Breeders: Vikki Diehl & Elissa Kirkegard
Owner: Alex Abraham, Havre de Grace, MD
Handler: Alex Abraham

Tucker's road to qualifying for the 2019 National Amateur in Ronan, MT...
Amateur Wins - 2 & Points - 25.5,  Open Win by Amateur Handler - 1 & Open Points - 20        
Total Wins 2019 Qualifying Year - 3 & Total Points - 45.5      
Week Qualified 35 at Labrador RC

A look at Tucker's 2018 and current year points...
2018 Open: 22 & Amateur: 32.5;  2019 Open 10 & Amateur: 11.5
Lifetime Open Points: 57.5
Lifetime Amateur Points: 104
All-Age Lifetime Points:161.5
Lifetime Derby Points: 30
Year(s) Entered A National Event
2018 - NRC / NARC
2017 - NRC / NARC
2016 - NRC / NARC
2015 - NARC

Fun Fact on Tucker: He won a Double Header in 2017 & 2018. He completed is AFC in May 2015 and FC in October 2016.

Tucker with handler Alex came to the line at 12:07 pm

Left Flyer - Positive Mark!

Right Flyer - Tucker was locked on the left flyer and didn't see this flyer. But he booked at the gunners and launched. He established a hunt short and in the swale but had to be handled to the bird.

Island Bird - This line was wide left but Tucker corrected it. He got deep of the bird and had to get handled back to it.

Long Retired - Line took him just right of the hay bales. He got over the land/water entries. Tucker began to fade right and was handled to the bird.