Saturday, June 22, 2019

Pick Up - 114. AFC TOPBRASS HAWKS BLACKHAWK, "Hawk" GM, Ernie Hawkins


2/18/2013 (FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC TNT's Explosion ex Topbrass Liberty Belle III MH)
Breeders: Jackie Mertens & Linda Johnson
Owners: Ernest & Elizabeth Hawkins, Kalamazoo, MI
Handler: Ernest Hawkins

Hawk's road to qualifying for the 2019 National Amateur in Ronan, MT...
Amateur Wins - 1 & Points - 7.5; Open Points by Amateur Handler - 1          
Total Wins 2019 Qualifying Year - 1 & Total Points - 8.5
Week Qualified 42 at North Florida ARC

A look at Hawk's 2018 and current year points...
2018 Open: 1 & Amateur: 16; 2019 Amateur: 1.5

Lifetime Open Points: 2
Lifetime Amateur Points: 18.5
All-Age Lifetime Points: 20.5

Lifetime Derby Points: 61

Year(s) Entered A National Event
2018 - NARC

Fun Fact on Hawk: He is our only Golden Retriever still competing in the 2019 NARC. He completed is AFC in October 2018. 

Hawk and handler Ernie came to the line 12:44 pm.

Right Flyer - Excellent line and recovery

Left Flyer - Hawk went around the end of the pond and entered the area of the fall behind the blind, then quickly moves to his flyer hen.

Island Bird - He went left of the point which put his line wide left, but Hawk adjusted himself as he came to the last piece of water where he swam to his bird.

Long Retired - He went left of the hay bale that s at the base of the hill where the line is. He continues to fade left and is handled to his bird.

NOTE: We have been told that the Judges are still deliberating about this contestant.