4th Series

4th Series – Water Triple with a Duck Flyers and 2 Retired Birds with an Honor

The order of the birds are long retired rooster, middle retired duck and the right hand duck flyer.

The test faces southwest looking out on a gently sloping field. there are two ponds that wind their way through the field with a smaller piece of water or two dotting the lands. The mat is on the high side of the field which is covered with moderate cover and strips of thicker cover.

Bird One: Long Retired - A dead rooster thrown to the left landing 400 yards from the line. These two guns stand on a mound with heavy cover, covering the mound from left to right, with water in front of it. The dog must cross a field, a piece of the pond, more field and then another piece of the water to this bird which lands on the near side of the cover.

Bird Two: Middle Retired - A dead duck. These two guns are standing on a mound behind very heavy cover. The guns throw the duck to the left where it lands 270 yards from the line. The line to this bird is across the field, then a swim in the pond and an exit to the near side of the cover for the bird.

Bird Three: Right Flyer - These two guns stand to the right of the line. They shoot a duck angle back to the right, where it lands in moderately heavy cover. The dog may or may ot catch the end of the pond as they travel 125 yards from the line to get this bird.

There is an honor to the right of the mat.

Long Retired Rooster – 400 yards

Middle Retired Duck – 270 yards

Flyer Duck – 125 yards

Fourth Series sketch by David Morrison (does not show the honor that was added this morning)