5th Series

Series 5 – Land Blind with Double Sluice

The 5th Series is a 224 yard Land Blind with water in it and a Double Sluice. The mat faces east and a strong wind is hitting the handlers on the back of their right shoulder.

The mat looks out on a kidney shaped pond with two gunners at the far right shore on the far end. The line to the bird takes the dog about 70 yards down to a narrow strip of water. They then cross this water and get onto a large land bridge. They stay to the right of the tules and some logs that are laying on the shore. The will then get back into the second piece of water and swim parallel to the shore to a point where the bird is planted.

This test is taking about 4 - 4.5 minutes. The points the handler needs to be aware of are...

1. To the first part of the water
2. The second piece of water that includes the tules and logs
3. Re-entry to the bird

Fifth Series Water Blind – 224 yards

The Double Sluice
Test of the Fifth Series by David Morrison