Saturday, June 22, 2019

Handle - 62. NAFC-FC MULLIGAN OFF THE RAINY "T", "Mully" LM, Randy Spangler


7/28/2010 (FC-AFC CJ's Mister T ex White Oak Rainy River)
Breeders: Art & Deanna Strackbein
Owners: Randy & Mary Spangler, Mondovi, WI
Handler: Randy Spangler

Mully's road to qualifying for the 2019 National Amateur in Ronan, MT...
Amateur Wins - 1,  Points - 8.5

Total Wins 2019 Qualifying Year - 1,  Total Points - 8.5
Week Qualified - 8 at Labrador RC

A look at Mully's 2018 and current year points...
2018 Open: 7.5, Amateur: 4.5;   2019 Amateur: 5

Lifetime Open Points: 44.5
Lifetime Amateur Points: 39
All-Age Lifetime Points: 83.5

Years Entered A National Event
2018 - NRC (F) / NARC (F)
2017 - NRC (F) / NARC - Winner
2016 - NRC / NARC (F)
2015 - NARC (F)
2014 - NRC / NARC

Fun Fact on Mully: He competed his both his FC & AFC in 2014. He was the Winner of the 2017 NARC in Mondovi, WI.

Mully and Randy got to the line at 9:58 am.

Left Flyer - Mully got out to the field, no water entry, made one quick loop and got his bird.

Island Bird - Getting through the first and second pieces of water, he got over the point, coming into the next bit of water to the right of the gunners. He quickly swam to the island and got the bird.

Right Flyer - Go Bird - Mully went through the water and squared his exit. Going over the moguls he went straight to his bird.

Long Retired - Taking a very wide line to the right, Mully had to get handled to his bird.