8th Series

8th Series – Water Quad with 2 Flyers, 2 Retired and an Honor

The mat sits on the west side of a field on the side of a hill. To the left of the mat, a road runs east and west through the test. There is a pond on both the right and left of the road. The road rises up in a field dotted with hay bales rising from the base where the ponds are located.
This is a Water Quad with two flyers and two retired birds and an honor. Standing on the mat, all four birds in a line from left to right.

Bird 1: Hen Pheasant Flyer is 278 yards from the line. This bird is on the handlers far right from the mat and is shot to the right. The line to this bird puts the dog into a pond at the base of a hill then up the hill through the draw and continuing up to the right to where the bird lies.

Bird 2: Hen Pheasant Retired is 224 yards from the line. This station is located left of bird one and right of bird three to the handlers right side. The gunners throw a dead hen pheasant to the left and retire when the dog is sent.

Bird 3: Rooster Pheasant Retired is 145 yards from the line. These guns are located left of bird two and right of the road. These gunners throw a dead rooster pheasant to the right. The dog goes through the pond and up the hill to the bird.

Bird 4: Mallard Drake Flyer is 190 yards from the line. this gun station is to the handlers left and left of road that goes up a hill on the far side. These gunners shoot a mallard drake in towards the lake shore on the handler's left side. The dog runs down the slope, angling into the pond swimming through decoys and giant carex.

8th Series – Water Quad with 2 Flyers, 2 Retired and a Honor
Bird #1 – Hen Pheasant Flyer – 278 yards
Bird #2 – Retired Hen Pheasant – 224 yards
Bird #3 – Retired Rooster Pheasant – 145 yards
Bird #4 – Mallard Drake Flyer – 190 yards