Friday, June 21, 2019

54. NAFC-FC TEXAS TROUBADOR, "Tubb" LM, John Russell, Jr.

Fun Fact on Tubb: He is the oldest dog competing now (1/12/09). He has two daughters #7 & 116 and two sons #70 & 110 still competing in the event. He was the 2015 Purina and Retriever News High Point Amateur Dog in 2015 and the Winner of the 2014 NARC.

10:55 am

Duck Flyer - Tubb squared out a little early but corrected on the exit to go right to the bird.

Rooster Retired - He entered the area behind the return guns, turned down hill and into his bird.

Pheasant Hen Retired - Very good line to the bird.

Pheasant Hen Flyer - Tubb's line carried him through the draw. He then turned to establish a hunt deep into the draw. Eventually coming out at the base of the draw to turn towards the gunners and work his way to retrieve his bird.