Friday, June 21, 2019

Handle - 70. FC-AFC DOCTOR CABERNET JUST IN CASE, "Doc" LM, Erin O'Brien

Fun Fact on Doc: shares the same sire as 3 other competitors (71, 110 & 116), furthermore he is competing against his sire #54 Tubb. Doc is the youngest dog competing at this point (10/28/14). He completed his FC in August 2018 and AFC in April 2019.

12:19 pm

Duck Flyer - Excellent Mark - Water; Land; Bird!

Rooster Retired - Doc got into the pond, headed past the mark, he quickly slowed down, got up by the blind and came down to the gun for his bird.

Pheasant Hen Flyer - Went through second pond and angled across the field, went back to the left side then back right and to the bird.

Pheasant Hen Retired - Through the fall area and got deep. Had to handle back to the bird.