Saturday, June 22, 2019

Re-Run - 108. FC-AFC PEPPERJACK'S MARSH SURFER, "Dude" LM, Kerry Lavin


7/14/2013 (FC-AFC Carbons Blue Pursuit ex PepperJack's Dolled Up Mya MH QAA)
Breeders: Misty Melo & Kerry Lavin
Owner: Kerry Lavin, Anderson, CA
Handler: Kerry Lavin

Dude's road to qualifying for the 2019 National Amateur in Ronan, MT...
Amateur Wins - 1 & Points - 8; Open Win by Amateur Handler - 1 & Points - 5
Total Wins 2019 Qualifying Year - 2 & Points - 13
Week Qualified 7 at Sagehen's RC

A look at Dude's 2018 and current year points...
2018 Open: 6 & Amateur: 8;   2019 Open: 10 &Amateur:5

Lifetime Open Points: 21
Lifetime Amateur Points: 13
All-Age Lifetime Points: 34

Lifetime Derby Points: 32
Year(s) Entered A National Event
2018 - NRC / NARC (F)

Fun Fact on Dude: He completed his FC in March 2018 and AFC in February 2019.

Dude and Kerry came to the line
Right Flyer - Straight to his bird.

Left Flyer - Straight to the fall area, a tight hunt and he got it.

Island Bird - Good line and a great turn into the last piece of water. Perfect!

Long Retired -  Came in right past the guns to the far back, into the first tree line, back to this side of the ditch, back over, hunted and found his bird.