Friday, June 21, 2019

Pat’s Perspective – 8th Series

Pat’s Perspective
8th Series

We have 9 dogs left in the 8th series.  This test will play a huge roll in deciding this year’s National Amateur Champion.  The front runners have about been cut in half.  The right hand retired gun has proven to be the downfall of many.  It has been strategically placed in a little saddle about half way up the hill.  There is a small square pond and a patch cover that diverts the dog’s route.  This is a very well placed bird.  I have witnessed some incredible displays of problem solving on this mark.  After 35 years of watching the greatest retrievers in the world, I never get tired of seeing them sort out a complicated mark.  This is one of those scenarios.  As a thunderstorm was bearing down on us, I watched Wayne Carey and Jack crush the test under very difficult conditions.  Wayne is the gentleman I interviewed earlier.  He is running his 1st national.  Their dream story continues.  We have dealt with rain, sleet, wind and lightning on this test.  It has taken its toll on everyone involved.  We are getting ready to move to the 9th series.  The home stretch is in view.  We will keep you posted as things unfold …