Friday, June 21, 2019

That's A Wrap - Series 8 - In The Books - Day 2

We started the 8th Series a Water Quad with 2 Flyers, 2 Retired and a Honor 3:03 pm, Thursday, June 20th at the Libertyville test sight. Our first running dog #71 "Giddy" with handler Randy Whittaker started their series at 3:09 pm and our last running dog for the day was dog #114, "Hawk" with handler Earnest Hawkins at 7:12 pm. Our second day started at 6:56 am with dog #116 "Be" with handler Yvonne Hays and the last dog to run was #70 "Doc" with Erin O'Brien as handler at 12:29 pm.

The test took a total of about 9.5 hours to get all 37 dogs through. Roughly about 15 minute per dog.

During the two day test we had 17 handles, 2 double handles and 2 pick ups.

Callbacks to the 9th series will be given at the 8th series test sight. The 9th Series will be on the Howard's property - Bear Ranch! There will be a CARAVAN going to the new site. More information to follow....