Saturday, June 22, 2019

Handle - 87. AFC TRULINES BIG BAD JACK, "Jack" LM, Wayne Carey


5/27/2013 (FC-AFC Fen Wizzard ex Roostr's Just Go with It)
Breeder: Mike White
Owners: Wayne & Debi Carey, Alta Loma, CA
Handler: Wayne Carey

Jack’s road to qualifying for the 2019 National Amateur in Ronan, MT...
Amateur Wins - 2 & Points - 16; Open Points by Amat Handler - 3.5      
Total Wins 2019 Qualifying Year - 2 & Total Points - 19.5      
Week Qualified 6 at Southern Arizona RC

A look at Jack's 2018 and current year...
2018 Open: 3.5 &  2019 Amateur: 16

Lifetime Open Points: 8.5
Lifetime Amateur Points: 16
All-Age Lifetime Points: 24.5

Lifetime Derby Points: 12
Years Entered A National Event
No Prior - 1st National Appearance!

Fun Fact on Jack: He completed his AFC in May 2019 and he is 1.5 points away from earning his FC.

Jack and handler Wayne came to the line...

Right Flyer - Go Bird - Jack was a little wide right, but he came in beautifully for his bird.

Left Flyer - Staying drying, Jack took one or two big loops and got his bird.

Island Bird - Getting through the first pond, he went over the mounds and entered the second pond. He went up on the island wide left but made a quick turn and got it.

Long Retired - Going out left of the hay bales, Jack went into the water, came down across the field wide left. He was down wind and had to be handled back to the bird.