Friday, June 21, 2019

31. FC-AFC SEASIDE'S GORGEOUS GEORGE, "Clooney" LM, Michael Robicheaux

Fun Fact on Clooney: He was the Purina and Retriever News High Point Derby dog in 2015 with 75 points. He also received the Dottie Metcalf Memorial Trophy in 2015 with Rita Jones. He completed his FC in May 2017 and AFC in May 2019.

Duck Flyer - Straight to the bird through the pond and angle the hill.

Rooster Retired - Through the pond and up the hill and stomped on it.

Pheasant Hen Retired - Through the water  and through the second piece aiming on a perfect line. Clooney stopped on a dime and picked it up.

Pheasant Hen Flyer - Angled through the water and hill past the guns to the fall area.