Friday, June 21, 2019

36. FC-AFC BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, "Petey" LM, Anne Marshall

Fun Fact on Petey: He completed his FC in August 2015 and AFC in March 2018.

10:25 am

Duck Flyer - Petey got out a little early. His initial line put him running past the gunners. He worked his way down the hill and to the bird.

Pheasant Hen Retired - The line took him behind and deep of the pheasant flyer guns. He hunted the draw and area on the hillside to come up with the bird.

Rooster Retired - Good line to the area. He had a brief hunt deep of retired gun. Petey then worked it out and got the bird.

Pheasant Hen Flyer - Petey's line made him arrive through the draw and into the area of the fall. A brief couple of turns and Petey had his bird.