2nd & 3rd Series

2nd and 3rd Series – Land and Water Blind

The Second and Third Series of the 2019 National Amateur Retriever Club Championship will be a Land and Water Blind held on the same property, Freedom Fields – home to Red Rover Retrievers, as yesterday.

The Water blind is 251 yards. There is a preferred route which includes a log to jump over, then through a dark patch of cover, over undulating terrain and into the edge of the water, skimming along the shore to the opposite side. The blind planter sits out along the road and will bring in the mallard ducks.

The Land blind is 348 yards. The dog will leave the line angling over the road and into a hay field with gently rolling terrain. There are inviting draws to hold a dog. At the end it has multiple bales with the blind planter behind one of them planting a Rooster Pheasant.

This test is taking 5.5-6.5 minutes to complete.

Series 2 and 3 will begin with Dog #63.

2nd & 3rd Series sketch by David Morrison

Water Blind – 251 Yards

Water Blind – 251 Yards – Close-up

Land Blind – 348 Yards
Land Blind – 348 Yards – Close-up