Saturday, June 22, 2019

Handle Re-Run 116. FC-AFC BEDAZZLED II, "Be" LF, Yvonne Hays


5/5/2012 (NAFC-FC Texas Troubador ex FC Hardscrabbles Captain Morgan)
Breeder: Gregory Cross
Owners: Yvonne & Charlie Hays, Pavo, GA
Handler: Yvonne Hays

Be's road to qualifying for the 2019 National Amateur in Ronan, MT...
Amateur Wins - 1 &  Points - 6; Open Win by Amateur Handler - 1 & Open Points - 9
Total Wins 2019 Qualifying Year - 2 & Total Points 2019 - 15
Week Qualified 48 at Snowbird RC of South GA

A look at Be's 2018 and current year points...
2018 Open: 8 & Amateur: 11;   2019 Open: 1

Lifetime Open Points: 20
Lifetime Amateur Points: 32
All-Age Lifetime Points: 52 

Lifetime Derby Points: 19

Year(s) Entered A National Event
2017 - NARC

Fun Fact on Be: she is competing against his sire #54 Tubb. She completed her AFC in October 2016 and FC in May 2017.

Be and handler Yvonne came to the line 2:15 pm

Right Flyer - Good Mark!

Left Flyer - Got right in the area and dug her bird out!

Long Retired - She hit the first piece of water and squared out to pull right, worked her way to the long retired gun, established a small hunt and came up with the bird.

Island Bird - Drove wide left, handled in the corner of the field and to her bird.