Friday, June 21, 2019

9th Series - Land Quad with 2 Retired, Flyer and Simulated Flyer with a Sluice

Our 9th Series is a Land Quad. The line is facing east/southeast and sits a top a mound. The ground is tall grass pasture with rolling terrain. Visibility is limited unless you are on the mound and then difficult. Wind is light at 2 mph out of the northwest and will be trending westerly as the day progresses. The temperatures are in the upper 40's and the sky is overcast.
Bird 1: Middle Retired – This three man team will throw a rooster to the left and retire behind a wrapped blind at 360 yards. It is deep right of the line.

Bird 2: Middle Long Retired – The middle long bird is a two man station that will retire behind a wrapped blind. They are 322 yards from the line and will be throwing a hen duck to the right that is located straight out from the line. There is a small hidden pond on the way to the bird.

Bird 3: Flyer – The flyer station is the middle retired and is located 140 yards deep of the short station. This bird will be shot to the right at 163 yards and will be a hen duck.

Bird 4: Simulated Flyer – This station is 127 yards from the line and using a drake mallard. They will simulate a flyer and will add a sluice. They will throw to the left and the splash will be followed by a sluice.

9th Series - Land Quad with 2 Retired, Flyer and Simulated Flyer with a Sluice
Bird #1 – Middle  Retired – Dead Rooster – 360 yards
Bird #2 – Middle Long Retired – Hen Duck – 322 yards
Bird #3 – Flyer – Hen Duck – 163 yards
Bird #3 – Simulated Flyer – Drake Mallard – 127 yards

Sketch of the Ninth Series by David Morrison