Friday, June 21, 2019

62. NAFC-FC MULLIGAN OFF THE RAINY "T", "Mully" LM, Randy Spangler

Fun Fact on Mully: He competed his both his FC & AFC in 2014. He was the Winner of the 2017 NARC in Mondovi, WI.

11:24 am

Duck Flyer - Mully got out of the water right of the boat, he runs the base of the gunners but then he turned and came into the bird.

Rooster Retired - He squared out of the water and went up the hill. He came in behind the gunners and came down the hill to find his bird.

Pheasant Hen Flyer - Getting through the water, Mully climbed the hill and went across the draw and into the area of the fall. A quick look and he was on the bird.

Pheasant Hen Retired - Good Line - Good Bird!