7th Series

7th Series – Water Blind

We start the 7th Series – Water Blind – with temperatures in the upper 40's, with overcast skies and pockets of rain that will move about throughout the day. Winds are very light at this point.

Our blind is a 305 yards water blind. The line faces northwest into a winding water structure. The line sits on an elevated shoreline and will drop into the depression. From the line the dog will not see the first 75 yards.

The dog is sent and will drop down on a wider shoreline. Staying right and on the shore for about 75 yards, then it will enter a cove. Then the dog will swim across to a point coming out from the left. Re-enter the water passing a point on the right and getting up on the next point coming out from the left. Another re-entry into a winding channel and cross the next point on the right. The dogs will then re-entry the channel again, swim to the shore to exit and have a short run out to pick up their bird.

This test will take approximately 7-8 minutes per dog.

Seventh Series – Water Blind – 305 Yards

Seventh Series – Water Blind – Close-Up
7th Series Sketch by David Morrison